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    HSS Solar Series

    Capacity range: 18AH-250Ah

    Voltage range: 12V

    Low self discharge rate (50 ° C): less than 2% per month

    Number of cycles (50 ° C)

    30% discharge depth: 1700 times

    50% discharge depth: 800 times

    100% discharge attempt: 400 times

    Long design life (50 ° C): floating charge life of 10 years

    Applicable environment range: - 15-50 ° C

    Operating temperature range: - 20-50 ° C:

    Recommended operating temperature: 25 ° C

    • Design characteristics
    • Application field
    • Specification sheet
    • Graph

    +Good stability, high reliability and long service life

    +Maintenance free low pressure exhaust system

    +Low self discharge rate of high load lattice

    UPS, EPS, DC panel and other backup power systems, solar wind

    It can be used for household power generation system, street lighting, electric toys and emergency lighting system.

    HSS Solar Series Product Specifications
    Battery modelVoltage (V)Capacity (Ah)Weight (kg)Overall dimension (mm)Terminal type

    widehighTotal height
    HSS 12-1812185.218177167170T12
    HSS 12-2012205.518177167170T12
    HSS 12-2612267.8166126175175T5/T6
    HSS 12-2812288.1166175126126T5/T6
    HSS 12-33123310.2195130159180T14
    HSS 12-38123812198166171171T14
    HSS 12-40124013198166171171T14
    HSS 12-45124513.8198166171171T14
    HSS 12-50125014.5229138210235T14
    HSS 12-55125516229138210235T14
    HSS 12-60126018350167180185T14
    HSS 12-65126521350167180185T14
    HSS 12-70127022.5260169210215T14
    HSS 12-80128024260169210215T14
    HSS 12-1001210030330171215220T16
    HSS 12-100L1210031.5407177225230T16
    HSS 12-1201212035407177225230T16
    HSS 12-1341213438344173280285T16
    HSS 12-1501215042483170240245T16
    HSS 12-2001220060522240220225T16
    HSS 12-2501225072520268220225T16


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